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Classes are designed to navigate emotions, thought patterns and beliefs by purposefully and intentionally leaning into Christ and applying Biblical truths to daily life.


"Changing your view about God can transform your life."

- Kim Jackson

Kim is passionate about reaching and teaching people about how to better their mind, body and spirit.

Leanda Sheets

I would absolutely wholeheartedly recommend Kim and her coaching services! Kim has a passion for helping others understand and reach their full potential, body, mind, and spirit. I am honored to work side-by-side with Kim as advocates for fullness of LIFE...not settling for mediocrity but living to our full potential as children of God. Kim has a wealth of coaching experience and a kind and compassionate way of connecting. Whether you need that little nudge or a strong push, Kim can help you discern the path you need to take. Jump In! Be strong and courageous and make some positive changes in your life.

Ann Hodge

Kim is a spirit filled Christian that shares the Word of God. She studies and prays the Bible passages. There is no doubt that Kim can lead us in the walk that Jesus requires. I am filled with Jesus when she speaks. Thank you, Kim, for your obedience to be open and honest. We need your teaching. Thank you for letting me walk along side you.

Chloe Eblen

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